Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Eternal Guilt Trip

I sometimes wonder why we don't have a steady stream of liberals jumping off of bridges and tall buildings in America.  There is no greater source for guilt and self-loathing than those on the left.  I found the latest example in a tweet from Slate.com on a man who writes about how much he hates to grill out.

In clicking on the link, I expected yet another article about the inhumane treatment of the animals that end up on our dinner plates.  Or maybe it would be another diatribe about how livestock farming contributes to global warming.  Perhaps the article would be about smoke from backyard BBQ's ruining the air quality of our neighborhoods.  Instead, author Jacob Brogan hates himself for working the grill be because grilling out is sexist.

In Brogan's liberal thought process, his making dinner over hot goals or open flame "perpetuates gender stereotypes".  Who hasn't noticed that the Kingsford Charcoal bag features a man at the grill.  Or that any ad for outdoor appliances, furniture or pools shows the men gathered around the BBQ holding the tongs and bottles of beer while closely monitoring the charred meat and probably talking about sports--while the women sit at the patio table sipping on their fruity drinks and likely discussing why Lydia down the street is getting a divorce.  Every time a man fires up the grill--whether it be for ribeyes or for hot dogs, he is "keeping a woman in her place".

Websites like Slate and Salon.com are a treasure trove for liberals engaging in self-flagellation over such egregious crimes against society as laughing at Seinfield reruns (because the show features an all-white main cast and the few people of color are portrayed in a "caricature" style) or watching The Cosby Show as a child (because that was a "false representation of the African-American family--starring a man who demanded accountability from the Black community--and was conveniently discredited by accusations and admissions of rape) or letting their children watch Disney Princess movies (because most of the Princesses are white and come from privileged backgrounds--while the antogonists tend to "darker in color").

While these articles never fail to provide with a few laughs, they also amaze me with the degree of self-importance and megalomania that Liberals possess.  These people really believe that their singular actions directly effect the lives and psyches of hundreds of millions of people.  I'm pretty sure that 99.99999999999% of American women had never heard of Jacob Brogan--and had no idea that he grills.  Yet in his mind, Brogan is "sending a message" to all of those women that "they don't belong at the grill" by doing so.  Of course now that he has published his "confession" on Slate--just 99.9999999998% of American women are unaware of his actions.  And the same goes for the guy who feels he needs to atone for laughing at Babu Bhat being deported because Jerry forgot to give him his letter from Immigration Services or the woman who really believed that there were Black OB/GYN's during the 1990's.  You can stop with the wailing in the street and gnashing of your teeth.  You just aren't that important--or influential.  So lighten up and try to enjoy your life. 

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