Friday, October 30, 2015

Recognizing Real Talent

The greatest voice in pop music is back.  Adele released her newest single Hello last week and the video has set a new internet record for fastest time to 10-million views--breaking the mark set by Taylor Swift's last single.  And that is giving me some hope for the future of music. 

Adele is quite different from all of the celebrated "artists" of today.  She doesn't wear revealing outfits on-stage or to award shows or while out "clubbing".  She's not making pronouncements about her "fluid sexuality", she doesn't post videos of herself smoking pot and she's not taking naked selfies and putting them up on Instagram.  In fact, her four year hiatus from the music scene was due in large part to having a baby and spending time being a mother.

Another big difference between Adele and most of the other ladies of today's pop music is no AutoTune.  What you hear is what is actually coming out of her mouth in the recording studio.  It's not being filtered and processed through a computer to "magically" hit every note.  And when she performs in concert there is no need for pre-recorded vocals, choreographed dance moves performed by guys in shark costumes.

Adele's last album 21 was a huge international hit--with a bunch of top ten singles and a record number of Grammys for a female artist and widespread critical acclaim.  Based on reaction to Hello, the next album 25 will be just as huge.  And hopefully that continued success will send a message to other aspiring young female singers that you don't have to be a size 2, or show off your enhanced breasts and your rearend, or sell yourself off as some sex object just to be respected as an "artist".

Now if we can just get her to replace all of the wannabes playing halftime of the Super Bowl.

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