Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This Could Be Interesting

Unlike the unnecessarily-early debates on the Republican side, tonight's unnecessarily-early Democratic debate may actually be worth watching.  The GOP debates are nothing more than a clown show right now--with a ringleader featuring fake red hair.  But the Democratic race features a contest that could decide if America is going to continue to be a land of free speech, free will and free markets.

It will be interesting to see how Hillary Clinton responds to Bernie Sanders' promises to the "have nots" of turning the "haves" into "have nots" as well.  Will the former First Lady bring up the astronomical costs of free college, free medical care, free day care and all of the other aspects of the proposed Nanny State?  Will Mrs Clinton defend the greater prosperity and retirement security that can be had by consistent and prudent investment in publicly traded corporations?  Will she take the time to explain the dangers of withdrawing from the foreign arena and adopting isolationist policies? 

If she does, the former Senator may end up leading both the Democratic AND Republican polls next week by merely addressing what voters actually care about--and not debating who is "too mean" to be President.

Adding to the drama will be the other three candidates on the stage tonight (it's okay if you have no idea who they are--nobody else does either) and how much they will attack Clinton on the myriad of trust issues for which she will eventually have to answer.  Will email servers come up?  Will there be a question about Benghazi?  What about her husband's bad behavior during his political career?  Or contributions to the Clinton Foundation from countries seeking favor from the Department of State during her tenure there?  Or will higher-ups in the Democratic Party make future promises to those guys if they don't provide the Republicans with a blueprint for attacking Clinton next fall?

If you find entertainment in people hurling personal insults and arguing over who is ugly or boring or weak--continue to enjoy the Republican debates.  But if you would like to hear a discussion about what is actually going to affect your life--albeit with solutions that are totally wrong for the vast majority of Americans--then you may want to tune into the Democrats for a little while.

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