Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Kids are Alright

Maybe today's kids aren't as hopeless as we adults think.  The response to the WIAA's demand that schools crackdown on such offensive chants as "air ball" and "start the bus" have drawn immediate--and creative--backlash from those for whom the games are actually played.

A scan of social media shows Tuesday night games across the state featured students holding signs that read "censored", kids with duct tape over their mouths, empty student sections and one game where no one cheered at all for the first seven minutes of the game in a silent protest.  Apparently, these millenials don't believe that gymnasiums and sports fields are "safe spaces" where everyone is to be "protected" from comments that might hurt their feelings.

And there has been plenty of responses like mine on Monday from the adults as well.  None other than ESPN College Basketball analyst--and very liberal attorney--Jay Bilas who put on a world class display of trolling on the WIAA yesterday.

State lawmakers are also joining the fray, with former college basketball player and current State Representative Dale Kooyenga sending a formal letter to the WIAA telling them to get a clue:

I couldn't say it any better.

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