Monday, January 4, 2016

You Can Come Down Off the Ledge

The general consensus among Packers fans and the talking heads that cover them is that next week will be the final game of the year for the Green and Gold.  Offensive woes have even the most die-hard Packer Backer out on the ledge this morning anticipating the worst.  You might want to take a look at that Wild Card Round opponent before throwing in the towel, folks.

The Washington Redskins are one of the worst 9-7 division winners in NFL history.  Washington did not come close to winning a game over a team with a winning record the entire season.  They lost by 14 to the New York Jets, by 17 to the New England Patriots and by 28 to the Carolina Panthers.  Their biggest win of the year was over an 8-8 Buffalo Bills.

The 'Skins also won the worst division in football.  Nobody else in the NFC East finished at or above .500.  The Philadelphia Eagles already fired head coach Chip Kelly.  The New York Giants will likely fire head coach Tom Coughlin later today.  And if owner Jerry Jones wasn't such an egotistical idiot, he would fire himself at General Manager and head coach Jason Garrett today as well.  Washington was simply the best of a bunch of losers that was guaranteed at least one playoff spot.

A lot is being made about Washington putting up at least 34 points in each of their last 3 games--but they did that against the pathetic defenses of the Giants, Eagles and Cowboys.  And their own defense is anything but intimidating--especially in the secondary.

Have the Packers stunk the second half of the season?  Absolutely.  But they have done it against a much tougher schedule than their upcoming lousy opponent.  And the guys who know best about that--the oddsmakers in Las Vegas--currently have this as a "pick 'em" game--when home field advantage is usually worth about three points.

So come down off the ledge, Packers fans.  Don't be intimidated by that 9-7 record behind Washington's name--and don't think that FedEx Field is that difficult a place to play.  Dallas went in there a month ago with Kellen Moore at quarterback and no Dez Bryant and won.  It's probably going to be incredibly ugly--but your team is likely still going to win.  (Before going back for a  second curb-stomping in Arizona.)

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