Thursday, April 7, 2016

Freudian Slip

Congressman Glenn Grothman has certainly stepped in it with his comments about voter identification laws.  In case you missed it, Grothman was asked how Ted Cruz might beat Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin come November if the two are the are the nominees.  Here's his response:

Grothman has since doubled down on those comments saying yesterday that basically, he thinks Democrats cheat to win elections:

The Democrats are pouncing all over this, with press releases claiming that Grothman executed a Freudian slip and let out the "fact" that Republicans passed Voter ID just to suppress Democratic turnout (because only Democrats can't get photo id's).
Personally, I support voter ID because I want my vote protected.  The good news is that we are four months away from the August primary--so you have plenty of time to get a photo ID if you need one.  Only planning to vote in the November Presidential Election?  Even better--you have seven months to get your FREE id.  Too busy to get to the polls on election day itself?  You have two whole weeks before then to vote in person--or you can even have a ballot mailed to you by your local clerk--postage paid.
Unfortunately, Grothman's comments aren't the only things from Tuesday's vote that make you slap your head.  In Brown County, a group of 17-year olds convinced poll workers to let them vote.  Congressman Grothman would be relieved to know that the kids did show proper photo ID and their school report cards as proof of residency.  We'll just deduct a few votes from Bernie Sanders total to make up for that.
And then in Beaver Dam, as many as 500-voters may have been given the wrong ballots as a confused poll worker didn't understand why the sheets were different colors.  He or she believed the color was based on whether a person was already in the poll book--when it actually was color-coded by district. 

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