Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Most Pointless Major Announcement in the History of Major Announcements

I have to admit, that when we got the alert that Ted Cruz was planning a "major announcement" on Wednesday that I just assumed that God had told him to give up on his Presidential campaign.  At this point that is the only "major" development that could happen.  Instead, Cruz took the outrageous step of announcing that Carly Fiorina will be his "running mate". 

I guess that in an election that has been the most bizarre in recent memory it would make sense that a candidate with no chance at the nomination would select a Vice Presidential nominee.  Justin Bieber may as well announce his date for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony today.  Or the Cubs should let the city of Chicago know what route they are going to use for their World Series Victory Parade--because there is about as much chance of those things happening as there is of Cruz-Fiorina actually appearing on a ballot near you this November.

Nonetheless, everyone was taking this "major announcement" seriously yesterday.  They even had "Cruz and Carly" t-shirts, signs and bumper stickers ready for everyone.  Fiorina had a speech full of "we's" written for her and pundits actually had a serious discussion about how this would "re-energize" the Cruz campaign.

Apparently everyone has forgotten that Carly Fiorina had next to no support while she was actually running for President.  She was relegated to the "opening debates" while there were 12-candidates still in the race.  She never had double-digit support in any polls and barely got over three percent of the vote in the couple of caucuses and primaries while running.  So what 'energy" does she bring to a campaign that exists only to keep Donald Trump from reaching the magic number of delegates so that Paul Ryan can end up getting the nomination in Cleveland?

All yesterday's "major announcement" ensured is that we will have to listen to two defeated and dejected people when the next Ted Cruz "major announcement" details his ending his futile effort to be the Republican nominee for President.

Franklin Roosevelt's Vice President John Nance Garner once said the position "wasn't worth a warm bucket of spit".  What is it worth to be a Vice Presidential "selection" that never gets on the ballot?  My guess is it's equal to a cold pile of elephant dung.

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