Wednesday, April 6, 2016

There's Got To Be a Morning After

So what did we learn last night?

  • The school funding process is working as it should.  Districts (like Oshkosh) where people want to spend more on public schools are going to the polls to make that happen.  Districts where people don't want to spend more are going to the polls to make that happen as well.  Everyone should feel better about that than having a handful of School Board members stuff higher spending down our throats every year.

  • Kyle Clark may want to consider just being an "interim" Common Council member from now on.  Twice Clark has been appointed to fill out a term on the Council and twice he has been voted off the Council in the very next election.  That despite making some comment on every single item the Council has voted on during both terms.  Just keep the application handy, Kyle and we'll call you when we need a warm body to fill that seat for a few months.

  • Tim Hanna should have his title changed from Mayor of Appleton to King of Appleton.

  • All of those voters fired up to nominate Bernie Sanders yesterday weren't that interested in the rest of the ballot.  The drop off in terms of votes for the Democratic Presidential primary and the votes that Joanne Kloppenberg got was greater than the drop off Rebecca Bradley saw from votes in the Republican Presidential Primary.  Apparently those kids weren't "feeling the Klop".

  • 2,261 other people joined me in voting for an "Uninstructed" slate of delegates on the Republican side yesterday.  We an all rest easy knowing that we never voted for any of the clowns on the ballot this year--and that there is still hope for Paul Ryan to win the nomination in the brokered GOP convention that is all but assured now.

  • Finally, Ted Cruz had better not rely on his newfound "supporters" to stick with him now that he has accomplished his job of blocking Donald Trump from getting to the magic delegate number.  CNN exit polling showed that a full 1/3 of those who said they voted for Cruz yesterday would NOT vote for him in the general election.  Things were even worse for Donald Trump, as nearly 40% will bail on him come November.  It seems to me the one message that Republican voters sent last night is "none of the above" is still our best option until Cleveland.

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