Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bring It On!

I'm sure I'm not the only person who laughed when they heard Sarah Palin say she was going to work to defeat House Speaker Paul Ryan in the Republican primary in August.  They say that "pride goeth before a fall" and no one is more prideful than Sarah Palin--who continues to somehow ignore the fact that she is a nobody in politics today--and wields no influence whatsoever.

Palin's "announcement" that she was jumping on the Paul Nehlen bandwagon was typical for her.  She talked about what a great guy Nehlen was--and then admitted that she had never actually talked to the guy.  She didn't even know if Nehlen actually wants her support.  Palin likely heard somewhere that Paul Ryan had a "Tea Party" opponent in the primary and just assumed that he was worth backing--sight unseen.  Although someone who has challenged Ryan to forgo the usual debates and instead just have an arm-wrestling match, sounds like someone who thinks the same way as Sarah Palin.

And then over the weekend, the Trump-Palin supporters got great "news" when a poll appeared to show Nehlen with a lead over Ryan among Republicans in the 1st District.  All over my Twitter feed and Facebook wall were people trumpeting "See? Look at what Sarah Palin is doing to Paul Ryan!!"  The only problem is that poll was completely made up by a website--prntly.com--that posts fake poll numbers all the time--always in support of Donald Trump.  And then, Trump himself gives the site "credibility" by Tweeting the results of the fake polls in capital letter and posting a link so you "see for yourself" how great he is doing. 

The average Donald Trump/Sarah Palin supporter doesn't care that prntly.com is marketing front for the Trump campaign and that the numbers they are being fed as "proof" of their popularity is fake.  If it's on the internet and the Donald says its real, it's real!  I guess they can all be shocked when Ryan gets 75% of the vote in the primary (although Democrats crossing over could certainly skew the numbers slightly in August).  And imagine their surprise when Trump's own fake poll numbers end up about 30% off in his crushing defeat to Hillary Clinton and November--which ironically enough establishes Paul Ryan as the undisputed head of the Republican Party heading into a much brighter future--where the Sarah Palin's of the world are finally marginalized and ignored.

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