Friday, May 6, 2016

Take Your Parents To Work Day

For the first time in 18-years of broadcasting, my Mother is coming to see me at work today.  She will be joining us later this morning to pick the winner of the Aegis Financial WOSH 75th Anniversary Mother's Day Spa Package Giveaway.  In anticipation of her visit, the Newsroom is the cleanest it has been in 15-years.

I know we've had my Mother on the air over the phone once or twice before.  It might have been for my 30th or 40th birthdays--I can't remember.  It would actually be kind of fun to have her on more often--sort of like David Letterman used to have his mother Dorothy on every few months.  She could tell embarrassing stories from when I was a kid and then appear to be clueless as to the pop culture events going on in society.

In a way, I'm lucky to have the job I have.  When she lived in Green Bay my Mom could listen to me in the morning while driving to work.  She could still listen in Eagle River or Florida over the internet--but that would require mastering the actual working of her tablet computer and installing the 1490 WOSH app--and she doesn't like having apps on her tablet.  She also reads the My Two Cents Blog on a daily basis--although she admits she's not exactly sure what I'm talking about some of the time.  She likes the non-political rants and raves better.

My Dad will be along with my Mother today in studio--but don't expect to hear from him.  He is a man of few words and less attention.  I definitely got my personality and sense of humor from Mom (along with the premature gray hair).  I doubt Bob Burnell will get more than three words out of Bob Krause if he tries to get him on the air this morning.

So hopefully you'll tune back in at 8:15 this morning to hear from my Mom--and to find out whose to blame for me.

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