Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The New Media Run Amok

If I had a dollar for every article, feature, blog post and podcast I've seen or heard about how the "New Media" is going to put the "Traditional Media" out of business soon, I'd still be in bed in my retirement home in Kapalua, Maui right now instead of doing this My Two Cents.  "Citizen Journalists" are going to provide all the news you need instantly, without filters or biases, and all for free--courtesy of all the social media platforms available today and being added every day.  But the biggest problem with "citizen journalism" was on display during yesterday's gruesome crash along Interstate 41 in Fond du Lac.

Sheriff's Captain Rick Olig was so put off by what he saw happening around the crash site yesterday that he was compelled to take to Facebook last night to express his disgust:

Now, when those of us in the "stuffy, Traditional Media" arrive on the scene of such an incident, we park away and set up a respectful distance from the site--in part because we know that first responders need to be able to do their jobs--and secondly, because we don't want to get hit by all of the other distracted people passing by.  In fact, those out at such a scene where traffic is present are now required to wear high-visibility vests--just like those worn by the responders themselves or highway construction crews.  A few too many close calls over the years.  Also, we wouldn't think about bringing our children to see a fatal crash--especially one that involved crushing injuries and fire--even if it was Bring Your Kids to Work Day.

Thanks to Captain Olig for wrapping up by encouraging people to still get their news from the "Old Media".  It proves that we still have plenty of viability--well as long as we continue to have a small amount of humanity and respect for each other that is.

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