Thursday, July 7, 2016

What Difference Does It Make At This Point?

After two days of listening to regular folks and talking heads argue about "how much the FBI email investigation will hurt Hillary Clinton?" and "how much will the Star of David tweet controversy hurt Donald Trump?" I think we can definitively answer both questions with "not at all".  And you know why neither candidate will be hurt by these or practically any other controversy that is created between now and the election?  Because the battle lines have already been drawn--and no one is moving off their position.

The single-issue focus that American politics has devolved into means the average voter will continue to support the candidate that promises to deliver on the one and only thing that matters to him or her.

Hillary Clinton showed gross negligence in having classified national security information sent to her private email account on an unsecured server so she could forward them along to her political consultants to determine the "course of action that would best suit her 2016 Presidential aspirations"?  What difference does it make at this point? She is going to keep ObamaCare in place so I can get my government-subsidized health insurance and that's all I care about!

Donald Trump calls an American-born judge a "Mexican" because he rules against him in a civil lawsuit involving the ripoff that was "Trump University"?  Who cares?! He's going to get rid of all the illegal immigrants and that's all I care about!

Clinton spends her entire married life discrediting women who accused her husband of rape and sexual harassment?   What difference does it make at this point? She is going expand access to abortionand that's all I care about !

Trump backtracks from a ban on Muslims and making them register with the government and banning travelers from any "terrorist country"--which he is unable to specifically give an examples of?  Who cares?! He calls it Islamic terrorism--unlike the President and that's all I care about!

Hillary won't discuss the topics of her multi-million dollar speeches to Wall Street executives?  What difference does it make at this point? She is going to now make those same people "pay their fair share"--just like Bernie Sanders said he would and that's all I care about!

Trump can't explain his stance on the Brexit vote two weeks before the referendum and then promotes the passing as good for his golf courses because it will depress the Pound and make playing there cheaper for Americans?  Who cares? He is going to repeal NAFTA and all of the other trade agreements and that's all I care about!

So if you are one of those who have drawn you line in the sand--and then buried your head in it--because you don't care about the totality of "your candidate", enjoy your summer of ignoring the total lack of character, honesty and integrity embodied by the two "frontrunners" in this race.

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