Friday, July 15, 2016

Who Will Lead the Way?

In the current vacuum of leadership in the fight against Islamic Terrorism, who will step up to lead the fight?  With US President Barack Obama refusing to even identify the enemy and the source of the terror threat, it may be up to our European allies to pick up the flag and engage those who wish to kill us. 

Europe is the new front line in the war on terror, with attacks in France, Belgium and England in the past few years.  And those countries may be better equipped to take on Islamic Terror than we are here in the US.  There is no First Amendment right to the practice of religion across most of the Continent.  Yes, they have agreements in place to allow all faiths--but those are not written into each individual country's constitution.

Europe also remains very homogenous.  Most Belgians and French and Brits and Germans have shared heritages--and that makes coming together to fight an enemy much easier.  There is less of a sense of "tolerance" to extremist religious views--especially from "those who just showed up". 

It is now obvious that the effort to defeat Islamic Terror will not be pleasant and will make us question our own values--but those in Europe seem more willing and able to take on that fight than we are over here.

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