Thursday, December 29, 2016

Two States of Idiocy

Imagine if today President Obama announced that because the 2016 election had created such a political and societal divide in the United States, he was going to push for the small "blue" pockets on the map to become their own country--within the borders of the United States.  We'll call that new country "The Hillaryland".  And "The Hillaryland" will have full autonomy over its territory.  It will have its own military.  It will be allowed to establish its own laws.  It may print its own currency.  It will even be allowed to use Washington, DC as its capital.  And of course, the United Nations will be more than happy to recognize its existence.

In setting up "The Hillaryland", all non-Democrats who moved into those districts in the last 40-years will be made to move out.  All development of "The Hillaryland" for non-Democrats would also be banned.  Non-Hillaryland residents looking to travel through "The Hillaryland" will have to use secured roadways that won't actually allow you to get off until you are out of "The Hillaryland".  Some parts of "The Hillaryland" will be surrounded by walls and barbed wire fences to keep the two "nations" apart.

Of course, this won't make things perfect for those inside "The Hillaryland".  Even after achieving nation status, it will still need to be provided with almost all of its natural resources, food, water and electricity from the United States.  Those who consider themselves "blues"--but who don't support the leader of that party (we'll call them "Sandernistas")--will refuse to recognize the leader of the new country and will do all they can to undermine the success of the new nation.

Add to that, the fact that many people living in "The Hillaryland" hate the United States, want to kill people living in the United States, and want to wipe the United States off the map--so that all of it can become "The Hillaryland".  And the leaders of "The Hillaryland" will turn a blind eye to those efforts--which will be backed by terrorists states around the world.

If your thinking "That would be incredibly stupid--why would anyone support such a thing?", then you understand why the Obama Administration's last-minute push to force Israel to accept a "Two State Solution" with Palestinians is so ill-advised.  Yet, that is exactly the situation that the President, John Kerry and anti-Semites in the United Nations are trying to foist upon Israel as a way to "secure peace in the Middle East".

There is a reason that the "Two State Solution" has failed to gain approval in the 40-years of negotiations toward that end.  It is untenable.  It is unworkable.  And if it isn't good enough for the country you live in--then it shouldn't be good enough for our democratic allies in Israel either.

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