Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday 2-13

I get the feeling we won't see much of Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin before the February 19th primary. The buzzword for the Clinton campaign right now is "firewall states"--referring to Texas and Ohio--where campaign strategist think Hillary can still win, and get the delegates needed to win the nomination.

Apparently, the Clintonistas didn't learn any lessons from the failed Rudy Giuliani campaign and their strategy of putting all your eggs in one basket. Rudy was the big national frontrunner in the GOP--then decided to sit out the first three contests and lost all of his momentum. You would think that Hillary would want to fight it out here in Wisconsin and perhaps pickup a surprising win.

Wisconsin is exactly the kind of state that could turn the tide back in Clinton's favor. With an open primary, there could be a lot of crossover voting. Republicans who really have nothing to vote for are free to use the Democratic side of the ballot to mess with the other party. From a strategic standpoint, a "GOP for Hillary" campaign would make sense. Make the two Dems continue to use up campaign money that would otherwise go to the general election. The longer that contest goes, the more acrimonious things get between the factions within the party. And if Clinton comes back to win the nomination, she instantly will re-energize the Republican base that may not be so enthused about John McCain.

So come on Hillary, give Wisconsin a chance--because a winner never quits and a quitter never wins.


  1. CNN projected out the rest of the primaries and even if one or the other wins out all the remaining, that person will not have enough votes to win the nomination. Unless someone drops out, there will be no nominee by convention time and it looks like this one will be brokered.

    That being said, if Clinton doesn't win Ohio and Texas, she is done.

  2. I'm voting Obama.

    Time for a change!