Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baby On Board--Everywhere

So what do you think is more ridiculous: the Green Bay Packers charging 50-bucks to bring a nine-month old boy into Lambeau Field for a game...or someone wanting to bring a baby to a professional football game?

As far as I'm concerned, the Packers are well within their rights to charge every person passing through the gate some kind of admission fee. This goofball grandfather from West Allis raising a stink about how he had to buy a ticket for his grandson--even though he would be sitting on his lap--says the boy wasn't taking up a seat, so he shouldn't have to pay. What the grandfather is missing here is that when you go to Lambeau, you aren't paying for real estate--you are paying for the privilege of witnessing the game itself. Why do you think they have standing room only tickets at many venues? Now, to keep order within the arena, you are assigned a seat--usually with better sight angles the more you are willing to pay.

The real issue that I have in this entire debate is why you would even consider bringing an infant to a Packers game. I suspect the reason this grandfather did it is so that twenty years from now everybody in the family could brag that "Little Tommy went to his first Packers game when he was just nine months old." So Little Tommy, what do you remember about that game? Nothing? Really?? I thought that would be such a momentus occasion for you that your still-developing brain would store away every single thing that happened from the moment you pulled into the parking lot for the three hours of tailgaiting beforehand. Given that this was a night game--the child was probably asleep by the middle of the first quarter. If you can sleep with people shouting profanities all around you and spilling beer on you.

This Lambeau Baby case really sums up a growing problem in our society--parents taking their kids where they really don't belong. I have seen babies at R-rated movies, kids running around in bars and I have had dinners at very expensive restaurants ruined by crying toddlers. Somewhere along the line it became acceptable to take children everywhere--and to expect everyone else to cater to them.

I grew up in the '70's and I can tell you that my sister and I hardly went anywhere with our parents. Out for dinner was McDonalds or Pizza Hut. We went to Brewers games on Kids and Senior Citizens days. Shopping was a quick run into Shopko and if my parents wanted to go somewhere nice, they got a babysitter. Maybe there is a severe shortage of teenage girls wanting to make some extra cash by watching other people's kids for a few hours. Or maybe today's parents fear they can't be away from their kids for more than ten minutes without the children suffering some kind of irrepairable mental harm.

My wife and I don't have kids yet, but we are in total agreement that when we do we will only take them place where having children is appropriate. If that means we have to give up a few things--that is a sacrifice we are willing to make for society.


  1. This is impossible. Yesterday you tell us waiving the three dollar fee to put towards a TV is the most heinous crime and American can commit, and today you tell us it's taking a baby to a Packer game. Come on, Jonny....which is it?

  2. This situation sounds like typical packer fans. What did you expect?

  3. I agree with you totally. Parents today seem to be taking their kids along too many times, except where it matters, TO CHURCH. Parents seem to be catering to their children by taking them ALL OVER, NOT punishing them with a swat on the heinny, giving in to their whinning, etc. When I was a kid, if my parents went to church, WE WENT WITH THEM and didn't dare question it. We only got to go places where it was appropriate for kids to be, and if we whinned or got sassy in public, we got a slap on the mouth in no time flat. And if we continued it, we got spanked, and right in the store IN PUBLIC. I noticed a 10 year old girl teasing her mother in the store the other night. While it's good to interact with your children, but this was going on too long, if I had done that to my mother, it would have ended very quickly. I always say, the kids of today got bad when they tore down the woodsheds.

  4. I personal think some of the parents need a swift kick in the backside. I know they can hear these brats screaming in the resturant and at the grocery store...yet they act as if they a deaf to it all, and make the rest of us suffer. I personal think they (owners) should be asking these families to leave if they can't or won't control their children. You don't want to breathe in second hand smoke I don't want to listen to your screaming brats! Fair is fair toxic is toxic!

  5. Parents with unruly kids have no one to blame but themselves. Too many of my (Baby Boom) generation never wanted to grow up and take on adult responsibilities. Nevertheless they got married and had kids anyway. Is it any wonder it's worked out badly?

    You only need to teach kids ONE thing to ensure they'll turn out fine: "Actions have consequences." When they make good choices, see that they are happy & praised; when they make bad choices, see that they are miserable & berated. Simple as that. Folks get awfully allergic to bad choices very quickly under those conditions.

  6. I heard a child hollering continuously at Walmart one day, and this went on and on for at least 15 minutes and could be heard all over the store. I said to my wife, rather loudly, that a bit of reverse child abuse should be practiced here.

    The kids of today have no fear. They seem to know that much physical punishment can't be handed out to them, and that is the type of punishment that has the most success. Don't get me wrong, I don't condone abuse by going overboard, but 2 or 3 swats on the butt or a slap on the mouth gets the point across. And idle threats can't be made either, if you tell them to stop or they're "going to get it", mean it. And don't say, "wait until your father gets home", because usually by that time the crime was forgotten.

    We grounded our daughter for 2 weeks once when she was 15 and she made the comment that she wasn't going to ground her children or punish them. We said, "ya, right, you do that and you'll really have problems". So if you think this generation is bad, wait until the next.

  7. I heard a baby crying somewhere in the stands at the U.S. Open tennis tournament last night. The only worse sporting event I can think of for someone to bring an infant to would be a golf tournament.

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