Monday, April 5, 2010

The Best Day of the Year

Is there any day better than this one every year?

Not only do you have the NCAA Championship game--but also baseball's Opening Day and the start of Masters Week.

As for the NCAA title game--Butler has absolutely no chance tonight. Duke is going to send its goonish front line to crash the boards on every shot and you know that no calls are going against the Blue Devils. So it was a nice run for the upstart Bulldogs--but you have unfortunately run into favorite sons of the NCAA--and no amount of hometown magic is going to help you tonight.

I guess it would not be right to call it Masters Week this year. This is TIGER WOODS RETURNS TO GOLF AND TO THE PUBLIC LIFE AND MAYBE THIS WILL BE THE WEEK WHERE HE GIVES US ALL OF THE LURID DETAILS ABOUT ALL OF HIS AFFAIRS WEEK!!! I can flat out guarantee that Tiger will not shed any further light on anything he did away from the golf course the last few years. "That is a matter for me and my wife" and "I've already answered questions about that" will be the main answers from Eldrick today--along with the boring answers about how he has prepared for the tournament and what his strategy will be at Augusta National.

And don't think that the media circus will affect anything that goes on inside the walls at Augusta. The members there are control freaks and anything that threatens the "Toonament" will not be tolerated. So Access Hollywood, XTra, and Entertainment Tonight will have no place at today's press conference--and their satellite trucks will likely have to set up across the river in South Carolina. And don't expect to see Greta Van Sustren broadcasting from the end of Magnolia Lane.

As for the start of baseball--let's make some Brewers predictions:

I predict Ryan Braun has a monster season--35 homers 125 RBI's. Prince Fielder will struggle a bit--maybe just 30 homers 100 RBI's.

Jeff Suppan has one start after coming off the disabled list--gets bombed--and is cut. The Brewers will have to eat his 12.5 million dollar salary--but anything is better than basically giving up any chance to win every five games.

Yovanni Guillardo stays healthy, gets some run support and wins 18-games. Randy Wolf solidifies the rotation and gets 15-wins. Manny Parra continues to be a headcase and loses 15-games. Doug Davis throws 250-innings--goes 14 and 14. Trevor Hoffman continues to baffle Father Time and saves 35 games.

Alcedes Escobar starts hot--struggles mid season--then finishes strong to win the National Leauge Rookie of the Year. Corey Hart is traded by mid-June--still hitting less than .200. Teenage girls around Milwaukee are heartbroken--first JJ Hardy is sent packing--then their beloved Corey.

The Brewers bounce back from a tough season in 2009 and win 88-games this year. That should be good enough to edge out the Cubs and the Braves for the National League Wildcard--where they win their first-round series with the Phillies before losing to the Giants in the NL Championship Series.

Oh and Cubs fans--enjoy your 102nd consecutive season of futility.


  1. Jonathan, have you noticed that you don't get any comments when the topic of your blog is sports oriented? Not everybody is as enthusiastic about sports as you are.

  2. My theory is that no one can find anything to fight about when he writes about sports. Most comments just blast him on his politics. I enjoyed this post but of course everyone has different interests.