Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Memo to Oshkosh Mayor Paul Esslinger (or anyone else looking to buy something "for the City"): While we appreciate your efforts to bring a bit of the Oshkosh's history back to us, the procedure needed to gain repayment through City Hall is the wrong way to go about things. Situations like this are why we have the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation right? They already have funds set up to collect donations and to continue maintenance on "gifts to the city". Aren't they bringing in big bucks to help pay for the Leach Amphitheater and Pollock Community Water Park upkeep? Hopefully we won't see any more unilateral decisions to buy things on behalf of the city.

Submemo to Common Councilmembers that kept calling the fire truck a "gift" or a "donation" last night. Anything that requires repayment to the giver is neither a gift nor a donation. Reimbursement usually means its a loan--not a gift.

Memo to the Winneconne School Board: Voters made it pretty clear last week that they do not want to spend more than the state-mandated revenue cap for their schools. The idea of going to referendum again in June shows that you are not listening to them--and that will just anger them further the next time around. Would a greater margin of defeat finally send the message? And don't be surprised if the margin doesn't change at all if you decide to reopen Winchester School--because those who recognized the need to save that money and who voted in favor of the referendum will change their votes the second time around. They will likely be joined by those who will think that Winchester parents are somehow being rewarded for petulant behavior.

Memo to the Vatican: Trying to blame homosexuality for the problem of priest sexual abuse further proves that you just don't get it. Psychologists generally agree that a person's sexual orientation has NOTHING TO DO WITH DESIRE TO MOLEST CHILDREN!!!!!! Here's a handy link to check out:

Of course, expecting the Church to accept science as a basis for its policies and beliefs is stretch to begin with. Nevertheless, throwing another of your favorite enemies--gays--under the bus further tarnishes the Golden Dome.

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  1. In a way part of the fire truck is a gift, the council only approved to reimburse a portion of the cost of the truck, therefore the remaining portion is a gift.