Monday, April 4, 2011

Did I Miss Anything?

The most famous "return"of all time is probably General MacArthur wading ashore in the Philippines in 1944 (which by the way, was staged several times until MacArthur felt it was dramatic enough for the newsreels).  But my favorite will always be Jack Paar's return to the Tonight Show in 1960 after a three week "hiatus" caused by his disgust with NBC censors editing out some of his jokes.  On the night of his return--after a prolonged standing ovation from the studio audience--Paar deadpanned into the camera: "Now as I was saying...."

I would like to thank all of the people who sent me the emails, called me and stopped me out and about town saying how much they missed having me on the radio.  I also thank those who supported me during my "exploration of other options in life" over the past eight months.  It was certainly an interesting time--and a decision I certainly do not regret.  Although, I believe my neighbors are probably happy things didn't work out--since who likes protests in their front yard every day?

So, I'm ready to get back to work doing what I truly love.  I hope you will give me a couple of weeks to get reacquainted with what's going on around here and to get back into the flow of things.  I'll get back to the usual Two Cents material tomorrow.  But today, I would just like to say "Thank you, it's nice to be back."

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