Friday, April 15, 2011

Who Are You FIghting For Again?

We have more "casualties" to report in the class "war" going on in Wisconsin.  The latest victims include: the Madison-area Boy Scouts, the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, the Family Resource Network, the West Madison Senior Center and the Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation.  All of these groups will likely see their funding for this year decrease--at a time when we all know "more people need the services provided than at any time before."

So who has turned their "guns" on these groups that help those less fortunate than ourselves?  That cold, heartless Governor Scott Walker?  Those evil Republicans in the State Legislature?  The all-powerful Koch Brothers?  No.  These groups are getting shafted by union members and other liberals planning to boycott the World's Largest Brat Fest.

For years Madison's Brat Fest has raised millions of dollars for hundreds of non-profit organizations in Dane County.  But this year, the event may see lower attendance and less revenue--because unions want nothing to do with Johnsonville Sausage.  Johsonville isn't moving brat-making operations to Mexico or China, or using scab labor in its plant in Sheboygan County.  It's great sin is that employees of the company gave more than 44-thousand dollars to Governor Scott Walker's campaign. 

Never mind that Johnsonville provides 150-thousand brats to Brat Fest--AT NO CHARGE--allowing event organizers to collect 100% profit on food sales.  And ignore that fact that Johnsonville provides free marketing for the event--in exchange for signage on the sight and the internet--the value of which far exceeds the 44-thousand bucks given to the Walker campaign.  To the protesters, all of that good work and charity is cancelled out by their political slant.  Apparently, these union groups have adopted the George W. Bush philosophy they once ridiculed: "You are either with us, or you are against us."  It's a good thing that no hard-working middle class family members work for Johnsonville.

Now the Brat Boycotters plan to put on their own event--"Alt-Brat Fest" they are calling it--on the same dates in a different Madison park, with proceeds to benefit other charities.  They are already touting a focus on "local" meat and beverage suppliers--and "no politics".  I guess that means everybody has to leave their placards at home--and the teachers who shut down the Madison School District for two days to protest at the Capitol won't be able to stand in little circles and reassure each other that they are "all about the children."

So this weekend I will fire up the grill and throw on some brats.......from Kountry Pride Meats in Omro.  Nothing political--I just think they taste better than Johnsonville.

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