Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Having failed to prop up lightweight Sarah Palin as a "frontrunner" in the Republican race for the 2012 Presidential nomination, the media machine is now try to foist billionaire Donald Trump on us.  Trump is making the rounds on less-than-respected shows (e.g. The View) "Trump"-eting his qualifications for the position and goals if elected.  He's making a few headlines by rehashing the whole "Obama wasn't born in this country" routine.  Can't we just put that to bed please?  Few people are Constitutional experts so they really don't care if the guy is actually eligible or not. 

While Trump For President would be entertaining (and this what Trump really is--an entertainer), it would also be a total disaster.  The Donald is despot--and while that can certainly get you places in the business world, it won't go very far anymore in Washington.  Don't you get the feeling that Trump believes he'll be able to bring in all the world leaders causing trouble for the US--sit them down at a long table across from him--and give them the "Apprentice" treatment.  "Qaddafi...You're Fired."

I can also picture The Donald flying into Afghanistan, bringing the Generals out to the mountains of Kandahar and telling them "You gotta have your drones flying through that valley, and move those troops up on that ridge over there, and those artillery positions should be a half-mile farther in that direction.  Have you guys never fought a war before?  Do I have to tell you how to do everything?  Don't give me anymore excuses, find Bin Laden or you're fired."

It would be interesting what Trump would do with the city of Washington DC itself.  The White House isn't nearly fancy enough for him.  Get ready for the Trump House--a 65-story office/residential tower befitting "the most powerful man in the world"--with big, gold "T's" on everything.  And we could have the first sitting President to commission his own memorial--perhaps a giant "T" taller than any other building in the world.  And the new Air Force One--either one of the retired Concordes or one of the retired Space Shuttles.

So please talking heads and gossip shows, spare us the Trump for President baloney.  Let us quietly build momentum for former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty--so the Republicans have a chance in 2012.

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