Thursday, April 7, 2011

Taking Up the Challenge

Welcome to the part of the show where Jonathan complains about everything--except for today.

Oshkosh Mayor-elect Burk Tower was on WOSH yesterday and said one of his goals is to improve the attitude residents have toward their city.  Tower believes too many people focus on what we don't have--instead of the good things we do have.  I have to agree with Burk--to some degree (remember, it is squeaky wheels that get the grease).  Maybe we should focus a little bit more on the positives in Oshkosh.  So I'll make it a point to feature some "attaboys" or "pats on the back" in the 'Ol Two Cents on a regular basis.  And I mean real appreciation--not smarmy lip-service.

Since this is Masters Week, I've got golf on the brain so this week's positive thing about Oshkosh is Steve Ziblut, the pro at Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course.  Steve might not be a PGA "pro"--but he certainly delivers better service than many of the guys I've dealt with who do have the PGA plaques hanging behind the counter.

Steve is a patient teacher, whether he is dealing with skilled players trying to just tune up their swing--or raw beginners who don't even know how to hang on to a club.  He has events for kids--getting them acquainted with the game and making a very difficult sport fun.

Steve started my favorite event of the year--the annual City Match Play tournament a few years back--growing it from a field of a couple dozen the first summer to more than 100 last year.  Steve also does a great job co-ordinating business and charity outings at Lakeshore and always makes it a fun day on the links.

You might think that running a golf course would be a dream job--any tee time you want, unlimited balls on the range.  One of the things a lot of people don't realize is that when you work at a golf course, you don't get the chance to actually play much golf.  There are maintenance issues, pro shop items to order, bookkeeping and early mornings shifts behind the counter.  Knowing how much Steve loves to play golf, I appreciate he still puts in so many hours--to the detriment of his own game.

But most of all, I salute Steve for the way he makes you feel when you play at Lakeshore.  He actually does care how your round went and follows up on any concerns you might share.  Plus, he laughs at lame jokes and puts up with the same golf stories over and over again--always with a smile on his face.

Steve Ziblut and Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course are something positive about Oshkosh.

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