Friday, July 22, 2011

A Page Out Of the Old Playbook

In football, nothing is more important that the Playbook.  It's the first thing you get from a team when you sign a contract--and you must return it to the coaches on the day that you get cut.  That's why I think it's time for the NFL Players Association and Packers players to take a page from the playbook of their Wisconsin union brethren.

NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and Packers player representative Mark Tauscher should have been outside the boardroom where the owners took that "cowardly" vote on a new collective bargaining agreement that included language not approved by the players shouting "YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD!!" as the owners filed out yesterday.

The Packers players should set up a "Goodell-ville" at Lambeau Field--pitching tents on the Frozen Tundra itself--forcing team executives to walk a gauntlet of threats, picket signs and chants of "SHAME, SHAME, SHAME".  Pro-union banners should be hung over the names in the Ring of Honor--while players and college students form drum-circles in the Atrium and sing songs about how "we shall overcome." 

The Brewers' team physician should put Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder on the disabled list with fake "injuries" so they could join in the protest.  Yes, it would hurt their team--but remember: this is all about the fans.

The NFLPA should start running TV ads featuring "St Vince" and "The Packalope" looking forlornly into the camera telling Mark Murphy how he has "failed them" by voting to pay players three percent less while raising ticket prices by ten percent--and by taking millions of dollars from out-of-state companies like Fleet Farm and Miller-Coors.

MSNBC hostess Rachel Maddow can have tears in her eyes while interviewing JerMichael Finley as he talks about how the reduction in shared revenues will mean less money for him to feed his seven children by six different mothers.  Keith Olbermann can do an "expose"on how Fox TV's Rupert Murdoch is orchestrating the entire lockout to destroy the Middle Class.

A huge pro-union rally should be held outside Lambeau with Michael Moore telling the assembled mob that if the rich Republicans in the luxury boxes would just pay 400 percent more for their tickets, everybody else would be able to get in for free.  And Jesse Jackson could pontificate about how the lockout is meant to keep the Black players poor.

Packers fans could set up demonstrations outside the homes of  those on the Packers Board of Directors.  Petitions should be circulated to recall directors who supported the CBA--replacing them with candidates who support giving 90-percent of all league revenues to the players.

Obviously the time has come to "stand with these hard working Wisconsin families"--who are being treated so unfairly by their rich, evil bosses.

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