Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Since the Polls Will Be Open Anyway....

Rather than rail against the incredible waste of money the recall elections are this year--and I don't mean just the "fake Democrat" primaries today--I mean the entire process, since no one facing recall broke any laws (some neglected their duties as elected officicals) so there is no real basis to remove them from office--and not just the elections but all of the legal expenses paid by both parties and the State itself in the endless challenges to the recalls, the petition and the counting of the petitions--I thought I would focus on the positive for today.

I like voting.  I appreciate the right I've been given and I enjoy "making my voice heard" in the place where it counts the most.  I firmly believe that those who don't exercise that right forfeit their ability to complain about the way things are going.  And for obvious reasons, I appreciate anyone willing to go through the election process. 

I'm especially going to enjoy showing my photo identification today--letting everyone know that I am the person entitled to cast that ballot.  Sure, this time around it's just for show--but it will still feel good.  Maybe I'll be a little extra loud in my response: "I WOULD LOVE TO SHOW YOU MY PHOTO IDENTIFICATION!!"

I wonder how Omro School District officials feel about the recall being added to what was going to be an "off-date" referendum election.  I'm sure they thought they would be able to "slip in" this issue in the middle of summer and break their three-election losing streak.  Now all of a sudden, they find themselves with far more residents heading to the polls than first assumed.  Usually, heavier turnout is bad news for school referenda--but aren't all of the people heading to the polls today "angry" about cuts to education and want taxes to be raised to maintain the status quo?  If that is really the case, this should be a cakewalk for that extra million dollars in Omro.

So, regardless about how you feel about today's "unneccessary" election, I encourage you to still take a few minutes to head to the polls and cast a ballot.  I can tell you two members of a Wisconsin Working Family will be voting today--and we aren't angry.

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