Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Below is a link to a Sportscenter segment featuring college football analyst--and Penn State alum--Matt Millen discussing the child sexual abuse scandal affecting his alma mater.

It was tough to watch--as I can relate to what Millen is feeling--having had a friend and colleague turn out to be something that nobody thought they were.  You can see and hear how Matt wants to believe that what is alleged to have happened is not true--but that is in conflict with the nature of allegations and the effect that such actions will have on the victims.

Millen's heartfelt expression of emotion stands in stark contrast to the continued response from everyone else involved in this scandal.  Penn State officials continue to make no acknowledgement of the boys involved--only discussing its support of the adults who helped to keep these allegations under wraps for almost ten years--and who allowed the alleged predator to use their football program and facilities to entice his victims.  I'm guessing this is the "legally correct" thing to do--but it sure makes the institution look cold and uncaring.

And then you have the "impromptu" student rally last night in support of embattled head coach Joe Paterno.  Granted, college students will rally for low-cost pizza, but I'm hoping that one day when they are bit older--and have children of their own--they will look back on last night as one of those things they regret doing.  In the meantime, the campus should probably postpone any marches or vigils in honor of sexual abuse victims--it continues to be clear that winning football games is far more important at Penn State University.

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  1. Jonathan,

    It is so difficult to accept that certain individuals are not what they appeared to be. You want so hard to believe the accusations are baseless, but deep down in your heart, you know there is the drumbeat of truth, which even failing ears cannot deny. Much like an Independence Day parade, you can hear the baseline getting louder as the real thing rolls down the street in your direction. Had such a respect for Rich, and his values, only to be dismayed by what the truth was. Is it the 4th of July again? Put your ear to the track and you can hear the Paterno and Cain train derailing out of control.