Monday, November 14, 2011

#Occupy My Wallet Update

While members of other #Occupy "movements" have moved on to their real purpose: anarchy and violence--members of #Occupy My Wallet have been busy in more positive directions.

Members of #Occupy My Wallet have been taking advantage of the artificially low interest rates to refinance their mortgages.  Even though we are paying ahead on this debt, having a lower interest rate will still save us tens of thousands over the life of the loan.  #Occupy My Wallet members are finding that banks and other financial institutions really do have money to loan--they just need more people who are likely to repay it to ask for some!  Members are also benefiting from not being underwater on their mortgages and having bought only the amount of house they could afford on just one income.

Members of #Occupy My Wallet are also enrolling for their 2012 benefits.  The high-deductible, Health Savings Account plan continues to be the greatest value in health care--with rates as low at $30 a month.  As an added bonus, the State of Wisconsin has stopped punishing those of us who are being responsible and saving for our health care costs, by no longer taxing contributions to HSA's next year.  We are also enrolling for long-term disability insurance--so if something disastrous happens to us--we will continue to have income coming in.

Members of #Occupy My Wallet were not lined up to buy the new iPhone 4s or Call of Duty 3: Modern Warfare.  Our 3G phones (which we bought at a deep discount after the hot new phones came out a few years ago) continue to operate just fine--and we are too busy working extra hours spending time with friends and family to play a lot of video games.

Members of #Occupy My Wallet celebrated the resignations of European leaders who took part in irresponsible spending patterns for decades.  We now await the selection of Presidents who support cutting back deficit spending that threatens to sink an entire continent--and the world economy.

Members of #Occupy My Wallet issued a sternly worded warning to those coming to visit this winter to wear a sweater.  A La Nina weather pattern is expected--meaning another colder, snowier winter.  #Occupy My Wallet recommends keeping the thermostat at 68 max--even though natural gas prices will be the same as last year.

And finally, #Occupy My Wallet members continue to reject the over-commercialism of Christmas--which this year started weeks before Halloween.  Friends and family should expect more time spent together and fewer costly gifts that you won't be using in a year anyway.

Big Government is still coming for #Occupy My Wallet members--not with riot gear and tear gas, but rather with new taxes and "redistribution of wealth" plans.  We need to be as well-armed in our bank accounts as possible.

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