Friday, November 18, 2011

Quick Hits

Just a few thoughts on a couple of topics.....

--Can we have some consistancy on how we handle threats on public officials?  I ask as the Dane County District Attorney announces that he will not seek charges against a convicted felon accused of posting death threats against Governor Scott Walker on Facebook.  Meanwhile, later this month an inmate at the Green Bay Correctional Institution will undergo a federal trial for writing letters to the White House threatening President Obama.  I wonder how a guy locked up in a penitentiary is considered to be a credible threat to the President--but someone walking around free is considered to just be "joking around"?

--I appreciate the importance of deer hunting to certain parts of the state--but I don't think recent legislative attempts to boost the sport are going to do any good.  First time license buyers will now get a deep discount and kids who take a hunter safety course can get high school credit toward their graduation.  Supporters think it will get more young people interested in hunting.  The only problem?  Today's teenager has no interest in hunting--no matter how cheap you make it.  Consider that there is no 3G internet access in the woods and there is no guarantee of success--no matter how good a shot you are.  Why bundle up to sit in the cold and hope that a deer walks by--when there is a video game that has deer walking past you all the time to be shot? 

If we are so concerned about fewer hunters in the field, why not just expand the season to include the entire month of November?  You open up more hunting opportunities for those who can't take next week off of work--and you give everyone more time to bag a buck.  Because we hunt to help control the deer herd right?

--I'm dragging butt today because I had the play-by-play last night for the Division Four Football Championship game between Wrightstown and Somerset.  What a fantastic game--as it became the first title game to go into double overtime.  Wrightstown was down 8 with about 2:00 minutes to go--but put together an impressive drive that ended with a game tying TD and 2-point conversion with less than :30.  The Tigers then stuffed a Somerset 2-point attempt in the second OT to seal the win.  It was a privilege and joy to describe the action as both team literally left everything they had out on the field.  It's a shame someone has to lose a game like that.  Nonetheless, congratulations to Wrightstown on their third state championship.

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