Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Not So Super Fans

New York Jets fans will have a bit more enjoyable experience at Met Life Stadium for the rest of the season.  No, the Jets aren't going to play any better (trading for Tim Tebow pretty much guaranteed a disaster before game one this year)--but the idiot known as "Fireman Ed" is stepping down from his self-appointed role as "SuperFan".


For those of you who have never seen a Jets game on TV, or ESPN highlights or NFL Films videos, "Fireman Ed" is one of those guys who believe that it is up to him--and him alone--to get the crowd fired up during the games.  Ed's schtick was to get on a buddy's shoulders while wearing his old fireman's helmet and a Jets jersey to lead his section in a "J-E-T-S, JETS! JETS! JETS!" chant.  All it took was a couple of appearances on the JumboTron, on the game broadcast and in the aforementioned NFL Films productions--and "Fireman Ed" came to see himself as an unofficial mascot of the team.

But following a pathetic blowout loss to New England on Thanksgiving night, "Fireman Ed" is hanging up the helmet and promises to no longer make himself the center of attention at the stadium.  He also claims (referring to himself in the 3rd person in a newspaper opinion piece) that Tim Tebow fans are threatening to beat him up because he wears starting QB Mark Sanchez's jersey during games (shocker there).

Well, allow me to speak for all fans of all teams when I say "Good riddance, Fireman Ed".

I hate these so-called "SuperFans"--because (a) they are not Super and (b) they really aren't fans.  Just because you dress in some stupid get up and get yourself on camera during a game doesn't make you any more passionate or knowledgeable about your team than the guy who paid for the same ticket right next to you and is only wearing a team sweatshirt. 

Plus, these "Fans" believe they are as much as an attraction as the team and the game itself.  Take for example Green Bay's "Saint Vince"--the guy who dresses like the Pope--but in Packers gear with a portrait of Vince Lombardi on his miter.  He parades around the parking lot before in after games, posing for pictures and even signing autographs.  The "Packalope" guy considers himself just as famous--since he was featured in the Packers Super Bowl XXXI video.  Hey guys, without the actual game going on behind you, you would have committed for mental treatment years ago.

One of the biggest days in Packers history in my family, is the day the team took away the season tickets of Oshkosh's own "Gang Green".  Because my family's seats are right next to one of the ramps from the concourse--and because they have a wide walkway in front of them--their area was a prime "cheering" spot for "Gang" during his "heydays".  Despite constant pleas to shut up, sit down or leave (usually in much more colorful language than that) "Mr. Green" would continue with his self-assigned duties of trying to fire up his fellow fans--who would have much rather just watched Randy Wright embarrass himself in peace and quiet.

So adios "Fireman Ed".  Feel free to take "Gang Green", "Saint Vince", "Big Dawg" in Cleveland, "Barrel Man" in Denver, and the "Hoggettes" in Washington with you.

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