Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Vanishing Holiday

A lot of Christians believe there is a "war on Christmas" going on in our society--because people are saying "Happy Holidays" and governments are correctly removing Christmas displays from public property.  I say they should consider themselves lucky--at least their holiday is still acknowledged.  For those of us who love Thanksgiving, our holiday seems to have vanished completely.

I don't think we had given out the last piece of candy for Halloween, and the societal focus had already turned to Christmas.  All the TV ads featured Santa, everyone was worried about what gifts to get others and the neighbors replaced the deflated blow up witch laying in their yard with a a deflated blow up Santa that just lays in the yard.  Even the grocery stores skip right into Yuletide mood--with Santa and reindeer displays--instead of Pilgrims and turkeys.  It's like Thanksgiving doesn't even exist anymore.

Thanksgiving is my third favorite holiday--behind the 4th of July (when we celebrate Freedom with fireworks and beautiful warm weather) and Memorial Day (when we honor those who gave us the chance to celebrate all of that stuff on the 4th--and the entire summer lies ahead of us yet).  When I was a kid, both sets of grandparents lived in close proximity to us--which meant I got TWO Thanksgiving meals every year!  Two turkeys, two big bowls of mashed potatoes, two different stuffings (one bread, one meat dressing), two boats of gravy and two pumpkin pies!  For a 9-year old with a high metabolism, it was the greatest eating day of the year.  Throw in getting to see my cousins and getting to watch football games not involving the Packers--what's not to love?  And I keep the tradition alive by serving as the chef for our family get-together every year.

But now, Thanksgiving hardly even gets a mention.  Do you see any Butterball turkey ads on TV anymore?  Outside of the Charlie Brown special, do you seen a Thanksgiving-related show on TV (other than on the Cooking Channel)?  It's like the day doesn't even exist.

And retailers are taking even more away from the holiday.  Black Friday has now become Black Thanksgiving Night--as Christmas shopping season apparently was four hours too short.  Even Shopko--which at one point has employed nearly everyone in my family is getting in on the act this year--starting "doorbuster deals" when we should be spending quality time with our loved ones.  Of course, retailers are only giving people what they think we want.  If no one showed up for Thanksgiving night sales, they wouldn't offer them.

So what do you say we take back Thanksgiving this year by NOT "busting doors" at 8:00 or 6:00 or Noon next Thursday.  Even if you can't stand talking to your family members, the NFL did add that third football game that night--just sneak down to the basement and watch that until they go home.

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