Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ain't Got Time For That

I've talked in the past about how Oshkosh is "Too Many Events City".  But that was from the perspective of the drain on city resources--as major happenings strained police officers by making it difficult to schedule vacations and forcing everyone to work overtime to man barricades and direct traffic.  But having so many things going on all summer long affects those trying to put on the events themselves.

Take for instance the uncertain future the Oshkosh Mayors Breakfast now faces--as many of the volunteer coordinators no longer have time to serve on the event's committee.  For me, the Mayor's breakfast is the highlight of Airventure week--as it gets us out of our dark Quonset hut studio on the EAA grounds for a morning--and I get fed a hot breakfast that day.  Plus it gives us a chance to meet with some of our listeners every year.

If you brought someone from the past into the present, they would probably be amazed by how packed all of our schedules are in modern society.  I notice this with my friends who "check in" on Facebook.  They are constantly at their kids' sports practices, dance recitals, plays, band concerts or driving them to and from such events.  My wife and I just spent last night planning out all but two weekends for the entire summer with our own events--and we don't even have kids to fill out our calendars.

It's doubtful that we are going to slow down our hectic paces anytime soon.  So the competition for our time will continue--until we all run out of time to give--and at that point, great events like the Mayors Breakfast will go away.  It reduces the quality of life here in Oshkosh--but we'll probably be too busy to notice.

I'd love to talk about this more--but I've got to run and do news on three other stations...........

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