Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Hypocrisy Day!!

Let me be the first to wish you a happy Hypocrisy Day!  You thought this was Earth Day?  Well actually it is, but it also serves as the day when those who claim to be the biggest supporters of "protecting the planet" show that they are all talk and no constructive action.

The Grand Marshall of this year's Hypocrisy Day parade and celebration is none other than Bill Nye, "The Science Guy".  Somehow, Bill has become the face of Climate Change Hysteria in America.  He is MSNBC's go-to guy whenever the topic comes up for discussion--and he seems to be best buds with President Obama--making several appearances at the White House during the past six years--again to drum up support for anti-business, climate change initiatives.

And that is where Bill Nye--and President Obama--show their hypocrisy today.  Nye tweeted out last night:

Bill Nye (@BillNye)
Heading down to DC to catch an #EarthDay flight on Air Force One tomorrow with the President. We're going to #ActOnClimate.

Based on his Twitter timeline, The Science Guy was in Boston over the weekend serving as a host for an awards banquet.  Given that he lists Los Angeles as his home, that was a pretty lengthy flight that Nye took to get there.  Given the timeline, he probably didn't have time to bike from Boston to DC to join the President today--and I get the feeling that Bill Nye doesn't ride Amtrak. 

Once Bill gets to Washington, he and President Obama--along with fewer than 100 other people will fly to South Florida in a 747 that environmentalists say emits 90 kilograms of carbon dioxide an hour during operations and that costs taxpayers $180-thousand an hour.  Perhaps Bill is along in case there is a problem with the hydraulic system on board the plane during the flight--since he helped design it while working for Boeing.

Once arriving in South Florida, the President, Nye, the Secret Service and others will then get into a convoy of armored SUV's to drive to the Everglades National Park to give a one-hour presentation before piling back into the SUV's to drive back to the airport and fly back to Washington DC.  And since the President isn't going to the Everglades to talk to the alligators, other "friends of the Earth" will be driving to the event as well (since there is no public transportation to a giant swamp) as will the myriad media outlets--all idling their vans in the parking area so they can send back their live video feeds.

It seems to me that the same exact message could be delivered to the same exact audience of "Earth Lovers" by using internet video conferencing from the Oval Office and Bill Nye's "home laboratory" in LA.  You could even splice in some high-definition footage of the Everglades to help make your point--without such a huge "carbon footprint".  But I guess you need to burn a lot of carbon to convince people not to burn a lot of carbon. #HYPOCRISY

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