Monday, April 20, 2015

Tell Us What You Really Think, Chief

I'm going to cede more of my time today to Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn--who went off--machine gun style--on pretty much everyone associated with Wisconsin politics and advocates of "restorative justice" during his appearance this weekend on Upfront With Mike Gousha:

While Chief Flynn is already getting plenty of guff from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke about his gun control statements, Conservatives are not going to be his greatest hurdle to clear in cleaning up his city.  It will be the Left that blocks every effort to get guns off the streets--along with those who commit gun crimes.  Is it the Milwaukee Police Department's fault that the vast majority of gun crimes in the city are committed by people of color?  It will certainly be portrayed that way by protesters who will cite the arrest and conviction numbers if there is a real crackdown on gun offenders--and if judges comply with Flynn's additional request to sentence those violators to longer prison sentences to keep them off the streets.

So until Milwaukeeans themselves want an end to gun violence--and the consequences that will be necessary to achieve that end--they can just continue to dodge the crossfire between their protests and their marches.

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