Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Social Injustice of Marriage

The "Social Justice" warriors may have a new reason to hate rich people: they almost always marry other rich people.  This week, the New York Times ran an article on the study of "assortive mating"--or what we commonly like to call "Power Couples"--and how their marriages "foster income inequality" in American society.

The study finds that high-earners are more likely to marry other high earners.  And that the children of these marriages are pre-disposed to better performance in school--meaning a greater likelihood of becoming high-income earners themselves--who will then marry other high-earners, continuing the cycle.

To most folks that would make sense--people tend to marry the types of people they spend the most time with--and if you are in the corporate boardroom, or the high rise office or you hang out at the wine bar uptown, that is where you are most likely to find dates and spouses.  Just like those of us who met our spouses at working class bars that have dollar beer nights.  It's also why you have modern fairy tale movies like Maid in Manhattan, Pretty Woman and She's All That forever finding a home on Lifetime movie channel--where the rich man falls in love with the poor girl and sweeps her into a life of luxury.

While we heard repeatedly during the fight for same-sex marriage equality that people should be allowed to "marry whomever they want"--the Social Justice crowd sees "assortive mating" as a problem that will be (as the author of the article put it) "hardest to counter".  What exactly does that mean to "counter" a marriage?  Will President Bernie Sanders use an executive order to institute a new "Marriage Tax"?  Will "Progressive" state legislatures limit the total assets a couple can bring into a marriage?  Will public school curriculum require books on dating and marriage to feature only couples from differing "socio-economic groups" as an acceptable pairing?

I guess parents across America should be glad to see their corporate executive daughters bring home the unemployed convicted felons who still live with their mothers for the holidays.  Their "little girls" are doing their part to ensure "Social Justice".

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