Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day Blather

While visions of Sugar Plum Fairies were dancing in your head this weekend, this is what I was thinking about.

--Do you get the feeling that shows like Hoarders and Hording will never have an "International" edition?  It's hard to picture an Indonesian woman with 50-thousand dolls.  Or a French man who has never thrown out a newspaper delivered to his house.  In my European travels, I don't remember driving by mammoth self-storage parks either.

--Can someone explain to me why the NFL chose to play nearly all of its games on Saturday?  My family is boycotting the NBA for another decade--so there wasn't much to watch on TV after the gift-opening extravaganza in the morning.  If there had been football on--I can guarantee we would have been watching that.  And now next weekend, most of the games will be played on Sunday again--meaning the Rose Bowl gets pushed back to January 2nd.  When this calendar arragement comes around again in 2016, let's play the games on Christmas Day and New Years Eve day.  I'm guessing there still won't be an NCAA football playoff by that time--so the Rose Bowl can be on January 1st--like it should be. 

--This might be the most important season in the history of the Milwaukee Bucks.  The Bucks have long been an afterthought in the Wisconsin sports hierarchy--and with this year's lockout and the success of nearly every other state team--they are even fathrer out of mind.  And yet, the franchise is out trying to sell the need for a new arena in Milwaukee to replace the "aging" Bradley Center.  Last week, Governor Walker went on the record saying there would be no state money available for a new facility--and the Petitt family isn't about to build another "free" arena for the city either.  So it is up to the Bucks to somehow build up enough interest from fans to make a "We get a new arena or we leave town" threat effective.  Of course, the Bucks really have nowhere to go.  Outside of Seattle, I can't think of a single city that is out there "demanding" an NBA team move to their vacant arena.  Maybe NBA Commissioner can threaten to contract the Bucks--along with the equally unpopular Minnesota Timberwolves--to light a fire under Milwaukee.

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