Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Taking Stock

Some thoughts on the hysteria surrounding the sale of Green Bay Packers stock yesterday:

--NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should take time away from fining defensive players for textbook tackles that are now illegal under the "concussion concious" rules and book a lot more time to hand out owner fines.  If you check the fine print on the stock purchase agreement, shareholders fall under the restrictions on all NFL owners.  That means the Commish can fine Packers Stockholders for "conduct detrimental to the league".  I can't wait for Wally and Merle to get called to New York to explain their drunken fight in the Lambeau Field parking lot on game day.  Fines should also be handed out for anyone who goes shirtless to any game below freezing.  The same goes for the Packelope, Saint Vince and anyone else with a FAVRE 4 EVER bumper sticker or license plate.

--I can guarantee that my parents--Mr and Mrs Robert Krause--didn't purchase any Packers stock yesterday.  $295 million renovation projects, personal seat licenses and another 190-million dollar expansion plan will still leave them sitting on cold alumimum bleachers with a puddle of water at their feet--even though it hasn't rained in Green Bay for a week.  I'm sure that everyone else who sits with one cheek off the end of the rows would like to see some improvements to the actual seating bowl one of these years as well.

--Anyone from Oshkosh who bought stock yesterday automatically forfeits their right to complain about property tax increases for infrastructure projects around here.  You can't wait to hand over $250 for a multi-million dollar private enterprise that uses its building a maximum of 12 times a year--yet you bitch up a storm when the School Board asks you to pay 20-dollars more a year for construction of a new school that will be used more than 200-times a year.  (My Libertarian side talking here: People feel good about giving to the Packers because they are doing it of their own free will.  It wasn't seven people at School District offices or 132 folks in Madison saying you "have to" give money to the Packers--and their neighbors didn't overrule their vote against spending that money)

Anyway, enjoy your $250 souvenier.  I'll take the same amount of money and put it in my Roth IRA to invest in companies that will actually pay me back.


  1. Do you ever not complain?

  2. Could not agree more, Jonathan. It's actually a $275 donation when you add the "handling charges". All the money to improve the millionaire playground and still your non-backed, small aluminum bench seat out in the cold remains unchanged. Plus you had to pay a $1,600 fee to retain that right to sit out in the cold. Also, here in Brown county I am forced to pay an extra 1/2 percent sales tax. My neighbor across the road in Outagamie County does not. All this money would have built a nice warm domed stadium by now. But no, it's Lambeau Field, hallowed ground. It's tradition we freeze our butt's off. Sorry Packer fans. I think you are fools!