Thursday, December 15, 2011

Here's Your Ballot, Mr Hitler

With all apologies to the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Adolph Hitler will not be signing recall petitions against Governor Scott Walker.  Nor will we find Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Santa Claus, Betty Boop or Carl B from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" on the petitions.

You know why we won't see those names?  Because you would have to be an idiot to try and fill out the petition forms with names that are so obviously fake.  If you are going to cheat the system--it's usually better to do so in a way that will attract less attention--and be harder to determine. 

Even the most naive petition reviewer will notice Hitler on the list--but what about the elderly gentlemen who passed away back in May?  How would someone in Madison know that A--He's dead and B--that he didn't actually sign the petition?  The same goes for the couple that moved out of the neighborhood last year--but never were able to sell the house.  They are probably still on the voter rolls at that address--and is someone going to bring in a handwriting expert to determine if they are the ones who signed the form?  And don't forget about all of those mystery voters living in State Senator Lena Taylor's Milwaukee apartment complex.

The process for forcing a recall--or for simply getting a candidate on the ballot--was drafted in much simpler political times.  A time when the stakes weren't nearly as high and the temptation to cheat wasn't nearly as great.  But those are the rules by which everyone has to play--and if there are some who want to go outside of those rules, well, I guess we don't really have a good way to catch them.

Better to put all of your effort and resources into winning the election--rather than trying hunt down dead Nazis.


  1. Who said Hitler was dead?

  2. I believe that we will find Adolf and Micky on some ballots. It may not be smart to write those names in, but it is also not smart to make death threats against elected officials and that was done. I am sure we will also find many duplicate signatures on the ballots. I find it ironic that many on the left feel Walker broke laws to do what he has done and he need to be outed for that yet these people have no problem breaking laws themselves.

  3. Apparently there are also people on the right who are advocating for signing fraudulent names on recall petitions.

    This flyer was placed under people's windshield wipers in Milwaukee yesterday. The address is for the Christian Civil Liberties Union, headed by Robert C. Braun. (It's been forwarded to the GAB).