Tuesday, May 29, 2012


As we were coming home from my parents' place Up North this weekend, we drove through Antigo.  Along Highway 45 was one of those "Super Patriot" houses.  You know the house I'm talking about--a bunch of flags in the yard, a "God Bless the USA" sign, campaign yard signs for Ron Paul for President and "I stand with Scott Walker".  But mixed in with the Red, White and Blue and the POW flags was a Conferderate flag.

To me, putting out the Stars and Bars shows everyone that homeowner is at least a hypocrite and is certainly an idiot.  Does he or she realize that the Confederate States of America was an ENEMY of the United States of America?  Does that homeowner know that 360-thousand of the men who we remembered yesterday were killed fighting the Confederate Army?  Would they consider themselves as patriotic if they planted a Nazi Swastika flag or a Japanese Rising Sun flag or a North Vietnamese flag in the middle of their "display"?

And they do realize that the Confederacy broke away from the United States because he refused to recognize the basic American tenet that the Constitution is the SUPREME GOVERNING DOCUMENT in this country?  Kind of goes against the Constitutionalist beliefs of one Ron Paul.

I thought that Antigo homeowner was the biggest idiot I would see on Monday--but then a woman driving a rusty, brown minivan with Minnesota plates decided to top that.

I was on the way to the studios yesterday afternoon for the severe weather warnings when this woman passed me along Witzel Avenue nearing the roundabouts.  She never stopped heading into the Koeller roundabout--forcing a car going straight in the inside lane to lock up the brakes and lay on the horn.  Ms Minnesota then stopped in the middle of the roundabout--obviously confused as to why cars were almost hitting her and honking their horns at her.

I slipped past the woman--hoping that she would not do the patented "left hand turn from the right hand lane" that has become the hallmark of the Oshkosh roundabouts and broadside me as I went straight through in the inside lane.  At the Washburn roundabout, I had to wait for a car coming from the left and going straight when the minivan woman drove in without stopping and AGAIN forced the other vehicles to lock up their brakes and lay on their horns--before stopping in the middle of the roundabout AGAIN likely cussing out everyone else on the road.

I've seen plenty of people cause crashes and near crashes in one of the roundabouts--but this was the first time that I have seen an idiot go for the "daily double".

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