Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quick Hits

In this election year, I can tell you where to find angry and frustrated people.  Just go to the roundabouts along Witzel Avenue and Highway 41 any afternoon.  You'll find the angriest and most frustrated people at the end of the westbound line that extends all the way back to Sawyer--more than a half-mile from the first roundabout.  The end of the school year cannot come fast enough for those of us who have to navigate those roundabouts--it will give us a bit of relief from the backups.  I hope.

I'm honestly surprised that Green Bay isn't going even more overboard with this whole Donald Driver/Dancing With the Stars thing.  I fully expected a press release from Mayor Jim Schmitt announcing a "Return To TitleTown" parade through downtown Green Bay--followed by a fan rally at Lambeau Field.  At least Action 2 is trying to milk this for all its worth--with a one-hour, primetime special "looking back at Donald's amazing run to the Mirror Ball Trophy!"  The good news is that Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy won't give a rat's behind about dancing titles when they decide if their fourth (or fifth) receiver is worth a $5-million hit to the salary cap and a $1.2-million dollar roster bonus due at the start of training camp.

Indulge me for a minute here while I sound off on another one of my pet peeves.  I hate when people say we are honoring "all those who served their country" on Memorial Day.  While our Military men and women are to be celebrated every day, Veterans Day is for all of the living soldiers.  Memorial Day is for those who gave their lives to protect and build this country--hence the use of the word "Memorial".  Hopefully we can all take a moment or two this weekend to think about those who truly "gave all".

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