Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Very Good Day

While there is nothing "enjoyable" about six hour School Board meetings, crashes at EAA or sentencing hearings for drunk drivers who kill people--occassionally I do get to have a little bit fun in my job.  Today is one of those "fun" days--as I get to take part in the Media Day for the US Womens Open at Blackwolf Run.

The best female golfers in the world will be coming to Kohler 4th of July week for the toughest test in golf--playing the Championship Course--made up of holes from both the River and Meadow Valleys courses.  And today, I--along with other members of the press--get a chance to put our skills on display, playing the very same course from the championship tees.

We also get to check out the games of defending Open Champion--So Yeon Ryu--and the woman who won the tournament the last time it was held at Blackwolf--Se Ri Pak.  There is nothing more humbling than watching a five-foot-five-inch Korean woman outdrive you by 10- to 20-yards on every hole.  Kind of makes you appreciate the talents of those who make a living playing the game.  I just hope I might get a quick lesson to improve my ballstriking--which has been dismal so far this year.

Given my struggles this spring--just breaking 90 today will be a huge accomplishment.  A couple of weekends ago a friend and I played the entire River Course from the blacks and I scored a 93--so there is some hope.  Anyways, I look forward to a fun day of "work".  It sure makes up for those School Board meetings.

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