Friday, May 4, 2012

Poor Julia....No, Poor Us

An old friend of mine posted a link on Twitter yesterday to a propaganda piece from President Obama's campaign website called "The Life of Julia"--which details how a woman's life is affected by policies adopted by the current administration--and how her life would be a living hell if Mitt Romney is elected:

Personally, I think this little slide show rivals the best propaganda ever produced in the heydey of Stalin or Kim Jong Il--namely, that without the Supreme Leader (or in this case President Obama and his social programs) LIFE AS WE KNOW IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE!!

The "show" starts as Julia is Age 3 and Under President Obama, Julia is enrolled in a Head Start Program to get her ready for school.  Julia's parents are probably not going to want to watch this presentation because they are going to angry at their portrayal as know-nothings and do-nothings.  It starts right here with being totally incapable of reading to their child or going through their ABC's.

At Age 18 Julia and her family Qualify for the President Obama's Opportunity Tax Credit and a Pell Grant.  Again, Julia's parents have failed her by not saving a single penny for her college education.  Fortunately, the President is picking up the ball and running with it.

At Age 23 Julia starts looking for a job and Because of steps like the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, she will be able to stand up for her right to equal pay.  Julia apparently applied to be a manager at WalMart which has been found guilty of gender pay discrimination--or as an employee at the Obama White House--where CNBC found women ARE paid less than their male counterparts:

At Age 25 Julia graduates and Since President Obama capped student loan payments and kept interest rates low she can afford to make her monthly payments.  Again, if Julia's parents had saved a few bucks, those student loans wouldn't be so big.  Julia apparently can't budget her money either to take into account the loan payments.

At Age 27, Julia is a young professional and Thanks to ObamaCare her health insurance is required to cover birth control--letting Julia focus on work rather than her health.  You know, the health "threat" of pregnancy is 100% preventable--without any pills--or government mandate.

At Ages 65 and 67, Julia enrolls in Medicare and begins collecting Social Security and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to end Medicare and Social Security as we know it--cutting Julia's benefits by 40%. Amazingly, despite saving on student loan rates, getting the "same salary as a man" and not having to pay for birth control, Julia still has not been able to save enough money through her working career to ensure her retirement without relying on the two most expensive government social programs (until ObamaCare goes into full effect).  Where did all that money go?  I know!  Those evil Wall Street Fat Cats stole it by not paying their "fair share" of taxes!!

The only thing missing from this little presentation is President Obama clutching poor Julia to his bosom as angels blow trumpets and place laurels on his head.  Thank you Dear Leader, without you and the Government we wouldn't be able to live!!

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  1. Not sure what your deal is with the fair pay act. It's proven that across the board men make more than women. You don't want your wife to get equal pay? I suppose if she is at home taking care of your own intramural basketball team because "pregnancy is 100% preventable" without birth control, it doesn't matter. Go on, I challenge you to price the cost of birth control with anything less than good insurance coverage. But you are a MAN so you don't have to worry about it so who cares. And yes, there are health risks associated with pregnancy/giving birth that you as a MAN don't have to worry about. Without equal pay and birth control, it could get REALLY expensive not even taking into account student loan payments. Plus, if she had all these kids (no b/c is needed remember) with someone like you it would be even worse not only because you are a failure (you lost remember-you don't have to follow the party line anymore; and like the world needs more political scientists), but because she would have to divorce you and do it on her own.