Friday, July 6, 2012

Not Cool

I realize that not everyone enjoys the heat as much as I do.  Even I was a bit uncomfortable the past few days--breaking down and using a riding cart while golfing on Wednesday (although, the course I played--Thornberry Creek--is notoriously walker-unfriendly to begin with, with a quarter-mile between some holes due to housing developments.  But do we have to go to the opposite extreme with the air conditioning everywhere this week?

You go into some stores right now and you wonder if they are hanging raw meat in there somewhere.  I realize that grocery stores have to be cold for food safety--but why so cold in department stores or gas stations?  And just as you get accustomed to the overly-cool temperature in the store--it's time to leave and return to the blast furnace outside.

It's not much different in vehicles either.  I'm feeling a bit out of place with the top down on the Jeep this week--enjoying the sun and staying cool enough with the breeze as I drive.  Every other car has the windows up tight--and you can hear the air conditioning compressers just whirling away.  The A/C on the WOSH NewsCruiser has an automatic temperature setting that goes down to 60-degrees.  Who would want it 60 inside a vehicle?  If that was the outside temperature, you'd have a sweatshirt and long pants on!

Since my wife and I don't have debt and money issues to argue about, control of the thermostat is what we battle over in my house.  You would have thought that I had suggested turning on the oven with the door left open yesterday when I asked to turn down the setting on the air conditioner.  "It's a hundred degrees outside!!" I was reminded.  "But does it need to be fifty inside here?" was my retort.  I thought about making a statement by putting on jeans, socks and a turtleneck--but decided it's better to just leave sleeping dogs lie.

I just find it strange that on the first 80-degree day of the spring everyone says "What a perfect day!"  but keep it around 80 in the house, the office or the mall--and people act like you've just dropped them in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

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