Wednesday, July 11, 2012

President Obama: Scam Artist

Among the "firsts" that President Obama can claim (African-American President, born outside the US {allegedly}, socialist) we can now add another one: scam artist.  I don't mean the President himself is running a scam--but he is being used as the "pitch man" for consumer ripoffs.

The questionable marketing schemes involving this President actually started right after his election in 2008.  Remember the TV and print ads for the "special limited edition" President Obama 50-cent pieces "issued in honor of this historic election"?  They featured a color portrait of Obama painted over the top of a Kennedy half-dollar (a Democrat's wet dream when you think about it--"John Kennedy and Barack Obama on the same coin?  I'm ordering ten thousand of them and using them to buy everything from now on!!").  Unlike many other investments purchased during the Obama Administration, these actually have maintained their original value.  They were worth 50-cents when you bought them in 2008--and they are still worth 50-cents today (despite what you may have paid for them).

Then came all of the sidebar ads on websites.  "President Obama wants working moms to get their degrees" and "President Obama orders banks to forgive credit card debt" are the two I have seen the most.  They even feature a smiling picture of the President--or him looking serious behind a podium--like he's actually manking an announcement that nobody has to pay off their credit cards.  I've never actually clicked on the ad links--so I'm not sure exactly where they take you--but I doubt it's to a website featuring real college funding assistance or a reputable credit counseling service.

And now the latest Obama-scam claims the President has established a federal program that provides Americans with a thousand dollar credit to pay their utility bills.  All you need to do is provide your social security number and a credit card number to qualify!

Every utility in the state sent out press releases yesterday asking us to warn our listeners about the scam.  And that got me to thinking, why would people believe such claims?  Of course, it's because President Obama's entire term has been about coming up with ways to "fix" all of your problems--usually with some taxpayer supported subsidy!  Can't afford your no-money-down mortgage anymore?  We've got a program for that!  Can't afford a new car?  We'll give you Cash For Clunkers!  Got drafty windows?  We've got Cash For Caulkers!  Can't afford your student loan payment?  We'll write off the interest!

So when someone gets an email or a phone call or a visit at the door from someone saying that President Obama has come up with another "free" program, people are going to believe that BS.  Can you see anyone opening an email entitled "President Bush wants to pay your utility bill"?  Or "President Reagan is cancelling credit card debt!"? 

I can already see the next Obama-scam: "The Treasury is printing a new Zero Dollar Bill--get as many as you want at any bank or financial institution!"  The $0 would of course feature President Obama's portrait on the front--because if anyone has become the symbol for "free money", it would be him.

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