Monday, July 30, 2012

The Big Four Oh

I thought for sure that when I got out of bed this morning, my back would be so sore that I could hardly move--and that my keens would ache and that my ankles would crack and that my fingers would hurt so badly that I could barely brush my teeth.  You see, today it turn 40-years old.

Everyone who is already 40 says "It really is all downhill from there".  But honestly, it doesn't feel any different than 39 or even 35.  Later today I'll hit a couple buckets of balls on the range (trying to knock off the rust caused every summer by my EAA "vacation" from the game) and maybe put a few miles on the bike.  Yes, I'll go to bed before 9:00--but I've been doing that every weeknight since I was 25 due to my job.

When you are 20, you think that 40 really is the end of the world.  But now that I'm here, it's really not that much different than I anticipated.  I'm married, working at something I love to do, own a house, am debt-free except for my mortgage, take a couple of trips a year, and still enjoy a good steak and beer.  I still play basketball a couple of nights a week during the winter, golf a couple of times a week during the warmer months and I am still well within the healthy ranges for blood pressure, cholesterol and overall fitness.

Sure, I don't jump as high as I used to for rebounds and guarding guys half my age is finally becoming a challenge--but it's not causing me to think about quitting.  It just makes me want to train a little bit harder to see if I can't catch up again.  And off the tee--I'm still just as long at anyone else.  So don't expect to hear me bemoaning the effects of "old age" anytime soon.

Besides, I'm now just ten years away from getting to play in Senior golf events and playing from the gold tees without having to swallow my pride.  And in another ten years I can finally give in and play slow-pitch softball wtih the Ambassadors.  And I'm just a decade away from joining AARP, so I can tell their leaders to give up on the political scare tactics and accept changes to Medicare and Medicaid so that the ensuing generations of Americans aren't saddled with the huge debt and expenses that will be crushing them in the future.

Geez, I'm one day into being 40--and here I am already looking forward to 50!

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