Monday, July 2, 2012

The Real Winners

President Obama's speechwriters always like to drop in a story about someone who stands to benefit the most from one of his new "nanny state" programs whenever he makes a speech about expanding entitlements.  Usually, it's someone who has had every possible bad thing happen to them--preventing them from taking care of themselves (or a "sob story" as Republican Senate Candidate Eric Hovde likes to call them).  But don't you wish the President would talk about the vast majority of people who stand to benefit the most from his increased spending?  I think it would sound something like this...........

"When I developed the Health Care Reform Law I was thinking about people like Kyle Spangler of Ottumwa, Iowa.  Kyle is one of the millions of Americans who--through no fault of their own--cannot get their own health insurance.

"Kyle is 24 years old and--due to the economic situation that I inherited--lives with his parents.  Kyle started sneaking booze from his Dad's liquor cabinet when he was 14 and started smoking pot with his friends at 16.  He went to the Iowa State University--but because his parents had three leased vehicles a home equity credit line and a mortgage on a vacation lake home--he had to take out thousands of dollars in student loans to get his education.  And because of Republican cuts to public education, Kyle lacked the learning skills to succeed in college--instead attending house parties every night and sleeping until 2:00 the next afternoon.

"Without that college degree, Kyle struggles to find employment.  He had a job for a short time at the local electronics store--but the Greedy Corporate Bigwigs expected him to show up on time for his shifts and to not be hungover--and he was let go.  His father thought he could get him a job at his company--but Kyle was not able to pass the required drug test due to the marijuana he smokes to deal with his anxiety issues.

"Kyle is not able to find out information about the individual, high-deductible health insurance policies available through Blue-Cross/Blue Shield because all of his computer time has to be dedicated to playing Call of Duty with his friends.  Not that he could afford the premiums, since he just got tickets to Lollapallooza and his pot source recently got busted so he now has to pay full price to the guy who sells behind the corner convenience store.

"But because of the Health Care reforms that I instituted, Kyle's Dad's employer must provide him with health insurance coverage until he is 26.  And because states must expand their Medicaid programs, Kyle can look forward to a taxpayer-supported policy after that.

"Let me be clear.  I will not turn my back on Kyle Spangler and the millions of young adults just like him who--through no fault of their own--cannot get affordable health care, by turning back the clock to a time when people were expected to be responsible for themselves.

Sure, an "example" like that would appeal only to the most liberal Americans--but it would be nice to hear a little "truth" about who will be the big winners under health care reform.

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  1. Do you stomp your feet and pout when you lose a match on the golf course?