Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nothing For Me Here Either

As promised, this My Two Cents will be dedicated to a thoughtful consideration of the specific plans and policies put forth by Donald Trump during his three appearances in Northeast Wisconsin on Wednesday.  So here we go:

Good night, everybody!

Actually, it would be unfair to my on-air partner Bob Burnell--who usually uses the three minutes or so here to get some coffee.  So to fill that time, let's hear from The Donald when he was pressed by Chris Matthews in his pre-recorded town hall meeting at UW-Green Bay for his thoughts on abortion:

The amazing thing is, this is actually a flip-flop by Trump, who for years claimed that he was pro-choice--even supporting the legality of partial birth abortion.  Of course that was immediately followed by an equally clownish statement from Trump's campaign saying The Donald didn't mean any of what he just said in the town hall meeting--and that abortion is very complicated.

I think I've wasted enough time on this now.  Let's just get to our brokered Republican Convention so they can nominate someone with a clue.

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