Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What This Trip Represents

For many Americans, President Obama's trip to Cuba this week is probably no big deal.  His promises to end the embargo that has been in place since the Castro family seized power on the island means a new tourist destination, Cuban cigars in stores and new markets for our products could be just around the corner.  But for those who really pay attention to what's going on in Cuba, the President's trip is a very big deal.  And no one captured that better yesterday that sports talk show host Dan LeBatard--whose own parents escaped from the Castro regime:


Remember, this is a sports talk show--not a three hour daily attack on President Obama with diatribes about how he can't do anything right.  And I'm sure today that LeBatard is going to be disappointed and betrayed because President Obama did not strongly rebuke the Castro regime--but rather engaged in his favorite form of "diplomacy": letting the media embarrass the dictator with whom he is speaking.

And I'm sure LeBatard and his fellow Cuban-Americans weren't too happy with the awkward photo of Castro raising Obama's arm like this was a victory celebration:

Oh well.  As long as we have more "legacy" to celebrate someday......

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