Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why I Don't Feel the Bern

I've heard Bernie Sanders' stump speech before, but on Tuesday during his visit to the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center I listened very carefully to see if there might be a few--or maybe just one thing--that the Democratic Socialist may have to offer me as a voter and a resident of the United States.  Even though Bernie spoke for over an hour, I was not able to find a single thing that he promised that I need.

I pay about $500 a year for both my health insurance and health care costs--so I do not need his single-payer Medicare For All to save me "thousands of dollars a year".

I worked a full-time job, a part-time job and a paid internship while in school--so I do not need his free college tuition for all.

I paid off my student loans early to save on interest payments--so I do not need his "refinance as often as you want" student debt plan.

I am saving 20% of my gross income for retirement--so I do not need his increased Social Security benefits for all.

I do not smoke marijuana--so I do not need him to legalize its use.

I do not sell drugs--so I do not need his plan to lock up fewer drug dealers.

I do not commit crimes--so I do not need him to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences.

My great-great grandparents emigrated to this country legally--so I do not need his plan to grant me amnesty.

I have developed a skill set and a work ethic that has made me valuable in the job market--so I do not need him to raise my wage to $15 an hour.

I already pay the highest utility rates in the Midwest--so I do not need him to shut down coal and natural gas-fire power plants for higher-cost wind and solar facilities.

Now here are a few things that I do need--but that Senator Sanders failed to address Tuesday (or ever, for that matter)

I need to know that when I go to the airport some ISIS sympathizer won't be there with a luggage or car bomb--there was no mention of how to prevent that yesterday.

If the guy who hate-listens to My Two Cents and says that he "knows where I live" actually gets the idea to show up there, I need less hassle in buying a weapon to protect myself and my wife--but there was no mention of that yesterday.

And I need more of my tax money going to pay for current services for those who truly need them and less going to pay off debts from the past--but there was no mention of deficit reduction yesterday.

I'm guessing that I will never be "feeling the Bern".

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