Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Perfect Running Mate

Now that there is an air of inevitability to Donald Trump being the Republican nominee for President, there will be serious discussion (or as serious as one can be about a circus clown) as to who should be his running mate.  Expect to hear plenty of "establishment" candidates to be mentioned--as Trump "has to" give at least a nod to people who have the infrastructure in place to run a real campaign that could at least be competitive.

Chris Christie was beside Trump last night for a victory speech and has given his endorsement to "The Donald".  It appears from the video of that speech that Trump actually has Christie under some kind of voodoo spell where he stares off into space and just echoes everything that he hears coming from his new best buddy's mouth.

Some think John Kasich has stayed in the race this long just to get a VP nomination.  He hasn't been that harsh in his criticism of Trump (which is important, because like all blowhards, Donald doesn't forget even the smallest slight) and he might be able to deliver the key battleground state of Ohio for the GOP ticket.  But Kasich is a details guy--and if there is one thing the Trump candidacy is not about its actual facts and figures.

Ben Carson is another hanger-on likely hoping for a spot at number two on the ticket.  He also has given Trump the kid glove treatment.  But does Trump want to spend a week on the campaign trail trying to explain what his running mate meant by the "fruit salad of someone's life".

Forget all about the "establishment" candidates for Vice President or even the "conventional wisdom" choices that would help balance the ticket (like someone from the Midwest or the South) because the Trump campaign is neither conventional nor wise.  For The Donald, the name appearing under his on all of the campaign signs and internet banner ads needs to be as over-the-top, famous and (in his mind) "high quality" as his.  And that is why I predict he will chose his own daughter--Ivanka Trump--as his running mate.

When you think about it, "Trump and Trump 2016" makes perfect sense (as least to Donald).  He gets his name mentioned TWICE every time!  Ivanka has never said anything bad about him on the campaign trail.  She won't overshadow him by proving that she knows any more about economics, immigration policy, the Constitution, foreign trade, military tactics or diplomacy than he does.  As he will point out repeatedly, she's really good looking.  And most importantly to Trump supporters, SHE WAS ON TV TOO!!  Fortunately for The Donald, Ivanka turns 35 (the required minimum age for the position) less than a month before Election Day.

It makes about as much sense as everything else that has gone on in this campaign.

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