Monday, March 14, 2016

You Weren't Missing Much

Back in January and February remember how some people were complaining that Iowa and New Hampshire were getting all of the political attention and that Wisconsin voters were going to end up with "nothing to decide" when our April primary came along?  There was this attitude that somehow we were "missing out" on all of the "excitement" and "energy".  Well I can tell you, we didn't miss anything.

As (bad) luck would have it, my wife and I were in Florida as that state gets ready for its primary on Tuesday.  As you can imagine, every radio and TV commercial break is packed with attack ads against every candidate in the race--both Republican and Democrat.  Are you really "missing" hearing about Trump University ripping people off 24-times a day?  Are you "missing" hearing about John Kasich raising taxes 20-times a day?  Or that Marco Rubio flip-flopped on immigration, or that Ted Cruz lies about everything, or that Bernie Sanders doesn't understand how the economy works or that Hillary Clinton should be in jail another dozen times every day?

Would you have wanted to see a near-riot break out at a Donald Trump rally in Milwaukee instead of Chicago?  Are we "missing out" on appearing like our major city is out of control--with cops walking around bleeding from the head--and old white guys exchanging punches with young black men?  Is that the kind of "excitement" and "energy" you hope is part of Wisconsin's primary as well?

And do you feel like you are "missing out" because it wasn't a "social justice warrior" that jumped the barricade and tried to attack Trump at a rally in Appleton or Green Bay?  Are Fox Valley residents being denied their 15-minutes of fame appearing on Fox News or CNN to describe their view of the attempted attack--embellishing the details a little bit every time?

Yes, we may not get to vote for Carly Fiorina or Chris Christie on the Republican side.  And Hillary Clinton will have more than enough super-delegates to negate any potential Bernie Sanders win on the Democratic side.  But believe me, Wisconsin is "missing" nothing, by waiting another three weeks to put up with the circus that will be coming to town.

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