Thursday, May 6, 2010

George Scherck for Governor

In the "good old days" of politics--before you had primary elections for most races--people would be "drafted" for positions. Party leaders would huddle up and decide "Abraham Lincoln would make a pretty good candidate for President--let's nominate him at the convention!" Sometimes the candidates would be more than willing to run--sometimes they would be like "What the??????????"

Anyway, I would like to nominate Neenah Mayor George Scherck for Governor. I'm not sure which party the Mayor would like to run in--but he needs to be on the ballot somewhere. I say that after Scherck cut more than nine-million dollars in projects from the city's Capital Improvements Plan--and comments he made about the cuts during an interview here on WOSH.

Mayor Scherck says he wants to delay construction of some things (like a 5.5 million dollar parking garage) because he doesn't think now is the time for government to be racking up more debt. HOLY COW!! A POLITICIAN WHO THINKS TOO MUCH DEBT IS A BAD THING!! And I loved his comment yesterday with Bob Burnell "Families have their list of Needs and Wants. We're keeping the city's Needs in the plan--and we're just delaying some of the Wants." CAN WE GET THAT PRINTED ON A SIGN OR A PLAQUE TO HANG IN EVERY CITY HALL, COUNTY BOARDROOM, STATE LEGISLATURE AND HOUSE OF CONGRESS???

I'm sure some of you are saying: "Doesn't the Mayor realize that the economy needs to be 'stimulated' right now by more government spending?" Or: "Doesn't the Mayor want to 'create' short-term jobs for people who would be working on those projects?" Or maybe you are thinking: "Doesn't he know he can always raise taxes to pay for that stuff?" Well you folks can enjoy the debt-laden governments everywhere but Neenah.

Under Governor Scherck, I doubt we would have to worry about subsidizing an 828-million dollar high speed rail line between Milwaukee and Madison for the next 40-years. And we probably wouldn't be robbing the Transportation Fund to pay for schools or the Medical Malpractice Fund to pay fraudsters in Milwaukee for babysitting kids who don't exist.

So let's draft George for Governor. And while we're at it--for the State Assembly, the State Senate, Congress, the US Senate and President.

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